Possenia's Togeveresting Event is open to all 

Participants under 18 years of age must provide an authorization from their parents when collecting their bib number at the start. The event takes place on roads open to car traffic so all participants must have a good understanding and consideration of road rules.


The participants commit to respecting traffic rules, and especially to ride through roundabouts on the right side. They must ride on the right side of the road, in a line, control their speed and trajectory, and follow the instructions of the officials and volunteers on course. Any infraction to the traffic rules or to the rules of the event will incur an immediate disqualification.



Recovered - Vaccinated - Tested: One of these three conditions must be presented at the entrance of the start/finish area by means of the Covid-19 certificate and an official ID. If the certificate is missing or invalid, participation in Possenia's Togeveresting event is not possible, unfortunately. This is only due to cantonal restrictions on sporting events. The entry place must unfortunately be cancelled and a partial refund given or a transferal of your entry to the following year.  Important information will be continuously communicated on the website to already registered participants by e-mail (please check your spam folder regularly). This includes special measures imposed by the canton of Vaud due to epidemiological developments. Please do sign up to the Togeveresting event news list so we can keep you up to date.




When descending, we strongly encourage all participants to be excessively cautious. The roads have little traffic but may have some traffic thus, it is critical to be hyper-vigilant on descents. 


Wearing a helmet is mandatory, participants must mount the frame number on their bike, fill out an emergency contact information and carry the sheet with them during the event.

The participants must make sure that their bike is functioning properly and while the event will be supported with mechanical and medical assistance, it is strongly recommended to ensure your bike is in proper working form prior to the race. 



The whole course is marked with Togeveresting arrow signs. Participants commit to informing themselves about the course ahead of the event, and to staying on the official course on event day. 

Time limits hours 8 minutes and 48 seconds to climb as much as you can. After this, the cycling part of the event ends and no further climbing will be counted. 


 Food and drink provisions 

Possenia provides generous food and drinks stations at the start and there is a refreshment station at the top of the climb. Throughout the day, you will have access to sufficient refreshments to ensure you can ride to your heart's content.



The date of the payment is considered as the registration date. The entry fees are published on and are final. Participants cancelling their registration for any reasons will not receive a full refund of their entry fee, only a partial refund, however a transfer of their registration to the next edition of the event is possible. If the event could not take place because of a decision of the authorities linked with the COVID-19 pandemic, all registrations will be transferred to the next edition. In case of complaint, the reception of the payment is considered the only valid proof of payment. 

A transfer of the bib number to another person is possible by informing the Posenia by e-mail, however, in the event that the registration was an early-bird registration with a customized jersey, there is not possibility to receive a different jersey - the customized jersey is tied to the initial registration. Possenia excludes all responsibility in case of dispute between the two persons concerned.

For 'Register now, pay later' entries, the ticket invoice must be settled in full prior to the event. 


 Services for each participant 

Each participant receives the following :

  • Access to Base Camp

  • Official Possenia  recycled Togeveresting  jersey. For early-bird entries only - your jersey will be customized to you

  • Participant bag with goodies 

  • Finisher award certificate and artwork

  • Measurements to calculate your time and elevation

  • Food and drinks stations across the route

  • Mechanical and medical support

  • For families: access to the children's corner

  • With each ticket sold, Possenia Cycling will donate 75 CHF to good causes



Participants allow Possenia to use their image for the promotion of the event. Photo and video footage taken at the event may be used without any financial retribution on all types of promotion media: on TV, on the Internet, or in the written press. Should participants not agree to this clause, they must contact the organizer in writing, at the latest 10 days prior to the event. 


 Data privacy 

Please see Possenia's global privacy policy



Possenia subscribes to a liability insurance that covers the organizing committee, the active members, the service providers and the volunteers of the event.


Liability insurance

All participants must be covered by a liability insurance covering the damages they may cause to third parties while taking part in the event.


Exclusion of liability & Accidents

By registering, participants accept the conditions of the event and the exclusion of liability of Possenia Cycling for damages of all sorts. The organization cannot be held responsible for any accident caused by infractions to the traffic regulations, or involving third parties (other cyclists or vehicles). The organization declines any responsibility in case of loss or theft of any equipment during the event or during the transport of an injured participant. By registering, the participants accept the present rules of the Togeveresting event, and confirm that they are in good physical shape and trained enough to complete the event. 


 Transport & Safety 

Possenia will take care of the transport of participants who are unable to return to Base Camp for bonking or 'non-serious' fatigue or muscle pain reasons i.e. for reasons that pose no true medical risk to the participant. If the participant is okay to rest at base camp, Possenia will simply return the participant there. In the event of serious injury involving a crash or where Possenia deems it necessary to call an ambulance for whatever reason, the participant will be transported to hospital. These costs will be born by the participant's health or accident insurance. 


 Abiding by these rules 

By taking part in Possenia's Togeveresting event, each participant tacitly agrees to respect all of the present terms and conditions and the exclusion of liability of Possenia Cycling.