About Possenia Cycling

The first, not-for-profit sustainable cycling brand

Cycling towards a happier, more sustainable future.

Possenia Cycling is a legal, registered not-for-profit association based in Switzerland. Possenia Cycling is governed by its statutes which underpin its purpose as a charitable association: protection of the planet and climate; protection of vulnerable children and babies; and supporting Christian humanitarian work and missions. As a membership organization, Possenia Cycling is governed by a committee of members as well as managed by members. 

There are two types of members: those that have limited voting rights, for example, members of the Possenia Cycling Club, and those that have full voting rights, for example, the committee members or managing members or full association members. Anyone can apply to join as a full association member with full voting rights if aligned with the purpose of Possenia Cycling. Voting members are accepted based on a vote by the committee. 

Although our Club Members do not have full voting rights, there will be many items that the Club can vote on: the next year's clothing collections, which charitable organizations we will support, what charitable work Possenia Cycling will undertake itself as well as other items related to the Club. 

If you would like to join Possenia Cycling as a voting member, or to see our Statutes, please get in touch with us: info@possenia.com.